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CSG Exemption Notification:

Severe Weather events impact service in the Northern Rivers District of New South Wales.

Dear Customer,

We are working to manage the significant impact to services as a result of a series of severe weather events in the Northern Rivers District of New South Wales. Due to the effect of damage to the network by severe thunderstorms, there has been a significant increase in the number of services reported as faulty. As a result, there has been some disruption to service and delays to normal installation and repair activities.

We apologise to any affected customers. Some of these services may not be installed or repaired within standard time frames. The number of possibly affected services may increase or decrease as assess the full effect of the extreme weather conditions. We regret any inconvenience caused to customers and thank them for their patience while this work is being undertaken.

Services in the area mentioned above with phone numbers in the following number ranges may have been affected:

02 5620 0000 To 02 5620 4999

07 5536 0000 To 07 5536 9999

02 6603 0000 To 02 6604 9999

07 5565 1000 To 07 5569 9999

02 6618 0000 To 02 6690 7999

07 5586 6000 To 07 5599 9999

07 5506 0000 To 07 5524 9999

As these circumstances were outside of our control, we are claiming an extension to time frames applying under the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2011. This means that we're notifying customers that normal service time frames may not be met during the period of 10 November 2016 to 27 November

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